Windmill Oaks

Windmill Oaks Manufactured Home Community for Adults 55 and Older



Windmill Oaks

The Windmill Oaks Manufactured Home Community for Adults is owned and managed by the Brad Kott and Carey Bonn families.

Both families have lived in the Fredericksburg area since their ancestors settled the land in the 1800's.  Having experienced owning and operating a similar community in the area since 1978, the owners decided to open a new community in the City of Fredericksburg.

Wanting to pattern the success of their existing community, windmill Oaks was established as an all adult park and a land lease community.

Our experience has shown that those wishing to make Wiindmill Oaks their home do so for many reasons.  They like having the common sense rules that keep the community neat and running in an orderly fashion.  They appreciate the peace and quiet that an adult community brings.  Feeling  safe and a part of a community is what they are looking for.

We decided that we would sell all of the new homes placed in our community.  In addition we provide the contractors that construct all of the required amenities such as garages, driveways, porches, and decks.  We did so to insure the quality if the homes and amenities placed in our community.

We understand that in the end it is the quality  and character of the people that live in Windmill Oaks that make it such a wonderful place to live.  Join us and make our community your new home.